zondag 25 maart 2012

My lookbook favourites

Pic's: Lookbook.nu

Since i'm a huge fan of lookbook.nu, I'd like to share
my favourite lookbook people with you.
First up is Annabelle Fleur, a blogger from LA. She's my most recent discovery,
and I have to say one thing besides her clothing: That girl got some eyes! Wow.
She's dresses in a super feminene way, with the flowers and the dresses, right in my alley.
And I think that we've got something in comment: A serious clutch obsession.
Second of the bunch we've got Anouska Proetta Brandon, a 21-year old blogger from Dublin.
Love the fact that she's mixing up girly with a rough twist, for example the chucky JC's
 combined with the orange skirt in the last picture. Way to go Anouska!
Then we got Olivia Lopez from Los Angeles. She dresses in a way that can be described
in the words: feminine, high fashion, matched, high heeled: Ok, let's just call it 'Olivia'...
No words to be said, that girl rocks every single piece of clothing.
And beside these girls I can go on forever, lookbook is one of the best places to seek for inspiration. Are you guys sharing this opinion?

With love, Inge

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  1. cute!!!


  2. Amazing. Lookbook is a great source of ionspiration :)


  3. perfect looks!!!