dinsdag 27 maart 2012

New in

Pic's: Nelly.com, Asos.com, Iphone

Got these baby's in today and i had to show them. Sorry for the lack of updates,
but i'm in the middle of examperiod and i'm freaking out actually...
Anyways, i've orderd the belt, the bracelet and the ring last week.
The belt was more of an impulse-buy, but LOVE the ring and the bracelet!
Bought the belt because i thought it would be a nice alternative for
the moschino belt (WHICH I'VE BOUGHT!) but it couldn't really beat
the real deal though... And about my new clawy jewellry: They will be my new
best friends  this summer!

With love, Inge

zondag 25 maart 2012

My lookbook favourites

Pic's: Lookbook.nu

Since i'm a huge fan of lookbook.nu, I'd like to share
my favourite lookbook people with you.
First up is Annabelle Fleur, a blogger from LA. She's my most recent discovery,
and I have to say one thing besides her clothing: That girl got some eyes! Wow.
She's dresses in a super feminene way, with the flowers and the dresses, right in my alley.
And I think that we've got something in comment: A serious clutch obsession.
Second of the bunch we've got Anouska Proetta Brandon, a 21-year old blogger from Dublin.
Love the fact that she's mixing up girly with a rough twist, for example the chucky JC's
 combined with the orange skirt in the last picture. Way to go Anouska!
Then we got Olivia Lopez from Los Angeles. She dresses in a way that can be described
in the words: feminine, high fashion, matched, high heeled: Ok, let's just call it 'Olivia'...
No words to be said, that girl rocks every single piece of clothing.
And beside these girls I can go on forever, lookbook is one of the best places to seek for inspiration. Are you guys sharing this opinion?

With love, Inge

zaterdag 24 maart 2012

Ode to Miroslava Duma

Pic's: Tubmlr

If I could steal anybody's wardrobe in the world it would  be Miroslava Duma's.
Not that i fit her clothes anyway (she's very tiny, i'm like 2 times taller than she is!) but still
I would be pretty satisfied with only her bagcollection (or even just the Hèrmes ones ;)). 
I don't know how she does it but everything looks like it is specially made for her.
Besides that she gives the outfit a spark in a way only she can. And eventhough her wardrobe must have have the size of a whole freaking household, i haven't seen her with the same item twice!  
Miroslava, if you read this, can I PLEASE have your wardrobe for just one day?!
 Or even an minute?! Let me know Mira! ;)

With love, Inge 

vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Philipp Plein jacket

Pic: TheBlondesalad.com

First of all, i'm a huge fan of Chiara Ferragni from the Blondesalad.com
Love her style! But besides that, i CAN'T stop thinking about a jacket she was wearing.
The jacket is by Philipp Plein, and i love the details on the arms, and just the whole shape of the jacket.
I wish there where more jackets on this planet like this beauty...
I can't find it online though, think it's soldout worldwide and i can understand why.
Can anybody loan me a dollar or thousand? I need it so bad! ;)

With love, Inge

donderdag 22 maart 2012

Current cravings

Things that are on my 'to buy' list at the moment. Ofcourse i'm joking about the
Balmain dress, that will take a few more years of saving! ;)
Since i'm obsessed with clutches i have to have the sequined one
from Friis & Company, love the color! About the black dress: love
the simplicity and the way it's been cut. The rest of the pics will speak for them selves!

1. Nelly white shirt
2. Black selected femme dress
3. Moschino belt
4. Friis & company clutch
5. H&M leather shorts
6. Balmain dress 

With love, Inge

woensdag 21 maart 2012

Inspiration: Studded jeans

Fact: I'm in love with studs. They can give every outfit just that extra touch, which i think
makes every outfit verry special. Especialy on the shorts i posted above. Can't really find them in the stores myself, maybe i got to be a bit more
creative and stard DIY it myself! ;)

Love, Inge